Free fire OB23 Update: New AUG Gun added on free fire.

The free fire’s OB23 update release in today but before releasing the updated version on their main servers, the developers release a beta version of the update called the Advance Server.

However, New AUG Assualt refiles added on the new update. The AUG assault refiles previously added in beta and today a few tutorials and official images are formally released in the Free Fire since the game's new update release. 

The Free Fire OB23 Advance server is open to everyone, and the registrations start. Players who want to play the upcoming update of the game will have to register before the end of 19th July 2020 (end now).


Powerful and accurate, the AUG assault rifle makes up for its long reload times with low spread and the high pace of discharge. 

Like the XM8, the AUG is accompanying a prepared 2x mid-run sight extension and it has a comparative pace of fire to the AK47 and M4A1 with moderate harm.

The AUG has great exactness and solid force. It has the most elevated first-fired precision of all ambush rifles when utilized with open sight. The backlash is solid when discharged incompletely programmed mode (white point), yet the main shots have controllable force, so shooting in eruptions of 3 will be very practical. 

The AUG has a long revive time and is modestly substantial. 


In Pubg versatile AUG is an assault rifle gun which is just found in an air-drop. The AUG prepared a similar connection and even has a similar discharging impact as the SCAR-L, even-thought the reality the shots head out a lot quicker contrasted with the SCAR-L. A significant downside of the AUG, in any case, it is nearly delayed to reload. The pace of shoot of the weapon is likewise moderately moderate, which is useful for better steadiness yet, besides, lessens its capacity around other people battle like circumstance. 

In any case, When we outfitted it with a compensator and a foregrip, the AUG has marginally progressively by and large dependability contrasted with an equivalent prepared M416 assault rifle weapon which is considered as the best firearm on account of its security. 

The AUG will Hit the most extreme harm of 41 on the body and 101 on the head. 

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