why has the Indian government banned 59 including tiktok,vmate and UC browser.

The Indian government banned  59 Chinese apps including TikTok and UC Browser and two mobile games on Monday. News agency ANI reported, “which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state a/nd public order,”. These apps were recently red-flagged by intelligence agencies of India over concerns that they were collecting user data and possibly also sending them “outside” of the country’s borderline.


The National Security Council of India had reportedly supported the advisory and agreed that these apps were a threat to India’s security. The Government of India was also said to have taken notice of the issue and was in the process of examining the risks involved with using these apps on a per-app basis. It seems the government of India has indeed found these apps in violation of national security.

The ban comes amid the ongoing India-China standoff along LAC after 20 Indian soldiers were killed and several others grievously injured in a face-off with the Chinese troops in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley.

This may be the first time the government has downright “banned” as many apps from China. Previously, it has resisted going down that route, only releasing advisories for the public to stay wary of Chinese apps. The ban on TikTok is of particular significance because it was just caught spying on iPhone users, courtesy the new iOS 14 beta update. TikTok has since admitted to these claims and said it won’t do it again.

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