Interesting Fact about free fire new character Evelyn ,Origin , Power and Abilities .

Interesting facts about Evelyn, the new Free Fire detective character , Origin, power and abilities etc.

Free Fire New Character Evelyn

Today we are going to know a little more about Evelyn , the character that was present on the advanced serverin May and that will soon arrive on the official Free Fire server .

Evelyn is a serious and intelligent detective. This 24-year-old woman is also known as a lonely woman.

Profile of the Character 

Real name- Evaya Evelynworthy (nickname: Evelyn);

Nationality -united states;

Ages- 24 years old;

Date of birth-  February 28, 2011;

Zodiac -Pisces;

Occupation - detective;

Hobbies - traveling and reading mystery books;

Calm and silent

Lonely: since childhood, she prefers to be alone, so her classmates consider her strange.

Origin of the Character  


Living in the suburbs of a big city, Evelyn was born into a typical family. Her life was very active and her father always pampered her. However, she grew up to be a calm and distant child.

Missing father

As a teenager, Evelyn's father was drawn to military work. There was a war in the border area that put her family at risk.

Although the war ended, her father never returned. The only person close to her left her. She closed again and decided not to speak to anyone.

Reliable detective

After completing high school, Evelyn chose to become a detective to solve the mystery behind her father's disappearance. She did not want to believe that her father could have died.

Her mother is sympathetic to her and gives her money to go to the capital to try a detective career. She began solving small cases, such as finding stray animals and runaway teens.

Successfully displaying her skills as a trusted detective, she began creating a detective agency. At 18, Evelyn solved several mysteries, such as murders and the search for missing persons. They also asked her to be a consultant to the local police.


Relationship with other characters.

Evelyn met with Steffie while solving a case. Steffie knows all the secrets that circulate in the city and has become one of the informants and the only friend of Evelyn. Although Evelynno says a lot, Steffie appreciated Evelyn's determination to solve the cases.

Skill And Power 

Her active “ Delivering Gold ” skill will show enemies who are not crouched or lying 30 meters away for 5 seconds at level 1. At each level (except at level 4), the time she remains active will increase by 0.5 seconds, and 5 meters will be added to your tracking capacity.

When the skill is level 4 or above, it will share enemy location information with teammates. The ability's cooldown is 50 seconds for each use.

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