[Review/explanation] justice league dark apokolips war | And starting of New timeline

[Review/explanation] justice league dark apokolips war | And starting of New timeline.

Released Date : 5 May 2020
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Category : Action , Sci-fi , Superhores , Advanture 
Dc Comics , Warner Animation 

{ Review / Explanation } 

As you that Dc Animation's last timeline movie has been released ' Justice League Dark apokolips War " . Now after that Dc animation introduce their New  timeline . So, Today we are talking abot this animation movie and Explain So major incident .

[Sopiler Alert]  

It is fact that Dc Animation or Animated universe probably the best animated Superhores universe and Dc never failed to prove that, With their latest movie " Justice League Dark Apokolips War " once again they prove it .  

Now , The movie start with Constatine yes! john Constatine hence prove that the movie connected with Justice League Dark .

[ Fact point ] 

The DCAU (Dc Animated Universe ) Started  in 2013 with Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Which is a Comic book  adaptation of the 2011  Flashpoint. The DCAU continued through a line of animated movies that were based on other important recent storylines, with 2014 film Justice League: War. The shared universe later expanded to adapt older classic comic book storylines, such as Teen Titans: The Judas Contract and  The Death of Superman , Reign of the Superman .                             

Starting Explaination :-

The initial scene of Apokolips War shows Superman driving the Justice League during a hard and fast ambush on Apokolips, with the teenager Titans and Earth's different superheroes remaining behind and going about as a home-watch. The initial credits started soon after the group was assaulted by another sort of Parademons with the DNA of Doomsday. When the credits finished, the story bounced forward two years to a shelled out London, where Raven and a feeble Superman searched for John Constantine, who fled the fight on Apokolips and left the rest of the Justice League for dead after his wife , Zatanna, was surpassed by Darkseid's powers. 

Superman uncovered that Darkseid realized the Justice League was coming and was readied. The overwhelming majority of the Justice League's enrollment, almost like the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Aquaman, Zatanna, and therefore the greater a part of the teenager Titans, were slaughtered during the fight and therefore the ensuing attack of Earth. Others, almost like wonder  woman , Mera, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, and Starfire, were equipped with Apokoliptian innovation and transformed into cyborg captives of Darkseid through an identical procedure that made the Parademons. However Darkseid had much darker destinies as a primary concern for those Justice League individuals who had been vital to his prior annihilations. 

Lex Luthor, obviously, turned deceiver and was placed liable for directing Apokolips' procedure on Earth. Batman was tormented until he broke, turning into a willing hireling of Darkseid provided with a Mobius Chair like that guided by the New God Metron and went about as Darkseid's boss strategic counselor. Cyborg was analyzed and given something to try to to as Darkseid's PC, observing everything of his leading edge innovation round the universe from Darkseid's royal chamber. The Flash was placed on a treadmill and transformed into a force generator to supplant the one the Justice League effectively crushed. Superman justified a singular discipline, being inked with fluid Kryptonite, which left him feeble and in extraordinary agony, yet at an equivalent time alive and prepared to observe Darkseid strip-dig his embraced homeworld for assets, apparently powerless to prevent him. 

Regardless of this, Superman despite everything tried to border another Justice League from the enduring League individuals and teenage Titans, additionally to whatever help they might win from Earth's different legends and scalawags. This drove Lois Lane to challenge Harley Quinn during a one-on-one battle to form sure about the help of the now-autonomous Suicide Squad. They additionally enrolled the help of Damian Wayne, who had left Raven (the main other enduring Teen Titan) to assume control over initiative of the League of Assassins. The group likewise earned the help of Lex Luthor, who professed to possess just turned deceiver so he could await his chance and stay for an opportunity to show on Darkseid. 

Ending Explaination :-

Darkseid is ultimately defeated, but the world is way from saved. The Justice League is decimated and therefore the Earth, as far as Batman can tell from an easy analysis, is just too far gone environmentally to be saved easily. As Superman, Batman, and woman begin to debate what could be done to stay casualties out of the billions, John Constantine slips away and approaches The Flash, saying "You know what you've got to try to to , mate.Without another word, Barry Allen gets up and starts running. The movie closes with a light-weight washing over the horizon because the Justice League looks on and therefore the world changes again, hopefully for the higher . 

Character Who Survive : 

1. Superman
3. Wonder Woman  
4. Mera 
6. John Constatine 
7. Hawkman 
8. Martian Manhunter
9. Starfire
10. Robin 
11. Raven 
12. Cyborg
13. NightWing ( Dick Grayson) 

Character Who Died :

1. Aquaman
2. Shazam
4. Catwoman 
5. Zatanna
6. Lex Luthor
7. Joker
8. Harley Quinn 
9. Sucide Squad                                                                                                                                   

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